I'm doing Edinburgh Fringe

Hello and what the fuck, tickets to my debut Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Handful’ are now on sale! Here’s the general spiel: 

Awfully modern woman and bit of a bitch Brodi Snook was once told by a first date that she was a handful. May he rest in peace. Just when she was coming around to the phlegmatic fringe-magnet philosophy of ‘I am enough’, she finds out that she is devastatingly, too much.

This show explores the second guessing of oneself into near-oblivion, what to do when your opinions don’t get you laid and the healing powers of off-licence bacon. When your self-professed untouchability is suddenly severely groped, there’s a struggle to strike back. But this little Aussie battler is determined to win. Even if it means being a bloody handful. A show woven together with low energy charm and laser sharp writing, Snook’s debut hour is wall-to-wall gall. 

Basically, you have to write about your show in third person for PR purposes before you’ve actually written your show. I forgot I’d said that thing about off-licence bacon and now I get to frantically search every jokebook and phone note and voice recording for something whimsy I’ve spouted about off-licence bacon. I’m sure it won’t be worth it. 

Anyway, if you give a shit about my comedy and will be in Edinburgh during August, I’d love to see you. Alternatively, spreading the good word to others about the show will earn you my eternal gratitude. Also if you’re in London you could come to a preview (see my gigs list). I am very not famous and although I am fine doing shows to 1-3 people, the frequency with which I do this is beginning to grate uponst my self esteem. Go on, support a VERY CHILL girl trying to make it in comedy. I’m scared and excited and a long way from home. 

Tickets on sale HERE, NOW https://gildedballoon.co.uk/programme/brodi-snook-handful/ 

Lots of love xoxo


Matt Stevenson